Oh! Someone really climbed up here?
Well, here on the attic you can find some older info on characters I played in some computer games.

My "Diablo 2" page

Well, a short introduction (with pics) of my favourite D2-char.

My SIMS page

It's simply a short introduction (with pics) of my favourite family I played in the computer game "The Sims".
The page has last been updated many years ago, when I moved to this wepspace, I only updated the links.
So, it's really something old and dusty that belongs on the attic... (^.^)

My Black&White creatures

Hm, I'm not sure, is this one older or the Sims page??
Well, anyway, I just changed the links and fixed a few problems with the layout when moving the page in 2006.
The page content itself is many years old.


Sling / Slingette

Usually, I don't put games on my webpage, but when I found this one, I liked it so much I decided to share: