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Where I live: Europe
I like: The colour green, tea, lavender (as tea, essential oil or flower), plants, animals, computer games, comic books, snow, going for a walk, languages, taking photos, watching TV...

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And if you want to know more:
Computer Games:

Heroes of Might and Magic III - one of my all-time favourites

I took a (very short) look at the newer ones as well, but I don't play them. (Who the **** had the idea that Gargoyles should look like winged gravestones?!?)

The Sims

Building their houses is actually more fun than managing their career...

Diablo II

I guess my Necro is stuck in hell act 2. - Diablo III looks nice so far, but I'm pretty sure I won't play it, because it'll need a constant internet connection. :(

Black & White

Much better than 'Black&White 2', even though it's totally bugged...


Amongst the first games I played. Haven't tried SC2, reason: see DIII. - And gotta wait for the Protoss-part anyways. hehe

Zoo Games

I got "Wildlife Park 2" and "Zoo Empire". I like building these parks.
Are there any more games of this kind? Please let me know!

And several others.
And some games I would like to play someday (like Spore or Sims 3).

TV etc.:


Columbo, Murder She Wrote, Quincy M.E., Monk, Star Trek, ...
Spongebob, Phineas & Ferb, The Simpsons, ...


I like movies with Bud Spencer & Terence Hill, the Riddick movies, X-Men, sometimes horror movies, comedies, old westerns...
I usually don't like disaster movies or fantasy stuff. (Of course, like with everything in life, there can be exceptions.)

I like a lot of different music, from classic to rock and ska punk.

For example:
Adriano Celentano (Azzurro), Sarah McLachlan (Song for a Winter's Night), Alice Cooper (Poison), Razorlight (Wire to Wire), Maurice Ravel (Bolero),江涛 (说服自己), Monkey Majik (Stay), Mad Caddies...
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